About Us

City's was launched in 1999 and has never looked back ever since. We're the name of quality and sellers of some of the greatest mobile accessories this country has witnessed, to date. Backed with our years of experience in the field and delivering the absolute gold standard with whatever products we chose to make be it our high end memory cards, world class earphones or ever lasting data cables and chargers. We believe in delivering the best products at the best prices. We're loved by tech savvies nationwide and take immense pride in our legacy of delivering nothing but the absolute best. Choose from our wide range of products and zap into the realm of future technology. The future is here!


We as a company believe our customers deserve nothing but the best. Our skilled team engineers your everyday accessories, all the while complying with our impossibly high quality standards to give you a variety of products that'll make your day better!
In the * years that we've been catering to the market, we came across a need for affordable quality accessories, we were repeatedly told it can't be done that quality and affordability don't go together... And we decided to show the world how it should be done.
We are determined to make quality accessories accessible for all!